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Business Insurance in USA

Although every business is unique, so are their business insurance needs. It is true that business operations typically involve a diverse range of people. From the owners and employees to the customers and even the general public. As a result, as a business owner, you’ll need insurance to protect you if something goes wrong and you face legal liability as a result. Because of this, we have Specialized Liability Insurance.


Because of our decades of prior experience, Auto & General is your trusted insurance partner – we’re here to help you find the perfect cover for a variety of different circumstances.

Business Insurance

Why do you need Business Insurance?

It stands to reason that the type of coverage you require will be heavily influenced by your industry, type of business, and general business Insurance operations. For cases where a guest may be injured, accommodation owners, for example, may require more than just General Liability Coverage. Your need for liability coverage will be determined by your risk level as determined by your business type and industry. “What might happen, and how can I prepare myself and my business if the worst happens?” you should be asking yourself.


Looking into Specialized Liability Business Insurance is one way to protect your business.
Auto & General has years of experience to assist you in your success. Businesses are held accountable in today’s fast-paced and consumer-focused working environment for what they do, don’t do, and how they conduct their operations. Our dependable Specialized Liability policy is intended to protect your company from liabilities arising from its operations, actions, and the products or services it provides to its customers. You will need Business Liability Insurance that you can rely on, regardless of the size of your company. Auto & General’s Specialized Liability cover is designed to protect your business from potentially large payouts for damages, injuries, and other liabilities.

Specialized Liability Business Insurance options that are tailored

We provide industry-specific Specialized Liability Insurance options that are tailored to your specific business requirements. Your policy will be tailored to your specific risk factors and business profile to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

What is covered by Specialized Liability? Auto and General takes pride in offering a wide range of options that cover a wide range of scenarios that your company may face. Our comprehensive Specialized Liability Insurance is completely adaptable.

Extensive options for Broad form, Professional Indemnity, and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance have also been designed by our experienced brokers.

The advantages of purchasing Auto & General’s Specialized Liability Insurance include coverage for:

  • Legal defense costs brought against your business for which you are legally liable.
  • Customers who are injured on your premises.
  • Damage to the property of a third party.
  • Negligent advice, errors, omissions, misstatements.
  • Products that have caused harm or damage.
  • Wrongful arrest and defamation.
  • Defective workmanship.

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