Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance. At Auto & General, we have enough insurance experience to understand how critical your commercial vehicles are to the smooth operation of your business. As a result, we insure a wide range of commercial vehicle types, including motorcycles, scooters, cars, bakkies, vans, trailers, and heavy trucks.


You can take out a Motor Only policy or combine Commercial Vehicle Insurance with our other Business Insurance types, depending on your company’s needs and risks, so you’re covered for everything you need and nothing you don’t. We offer three levels of Business Vehicle Insurance to accommodate any business’s budget.

Commercial Vehicle-Insurance

Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This type of car insurance for commercial vehicles covers you for almost any eventuality, including accidental damage, fire, theft, and third-party liability, as well as natural disasters like hail, lightning, storm, flood, and earthquake damage.
We will include Goods-in-Transit Coverage with your Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance, depending on the type of business you run. This is ideal for companies such as courier services.

Insurance for Third-Party, Fire, and Theft
Our Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Insurance is a less expensive option that still provides comprehensive coverage for your company. If your company vehicle is involved in an accident, we will pay for any third-party repairs if your driver was at fault. We’ll also cover you if your car is stolen or burns down.

This coverage ensures that you are not out of pocket and that your business is not financially jeopardized if your vehicle causes damage to a third-property. party’s
Quote for Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Whether you need Comprehensive Business Car Insurance to protect your operations against any type of vehicle risk or just basic third-party liability coverage, Auto & General has the experience to help you protect and grow your business.


Commercial Vehicle Insurance Benefits

Roadside Assistance A vehicle breakdown can cost your business money, whether you’re on your way to an important client meeting or your goods are on a tight delivery schedule. As a result, when you purchase our Commercial Vehicle Insurance, you automatically receive our Road Assist benefit. If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident, you and your drivers will receive prompt assistance. If the vehicle is unable to be driven, we will tow it for free to the nearest repairer and pay for storage for up to 72 hours.

Medical Assistance

If you or your driver require immediate medical attention as a result of a vehicle accident, our Medical Assist partners are only a phone call away and will dispatch emergency personnel to your location.Plus Cash Back You can add Cash Back Plus to any of our Commercial Vehicle Insurance policies for a small monthly premium. With this benefit, you can expect a cash payout after four years of uninterrupted and claim-free service. This payout will be equal to either your entire first year’s premiums or up to 25% of all four years’ premiums combined, whichever is less, and can be used for whatever business needs you may have at the time.

Assistance with Business Every Commercial Car Insurance policy includes our Business Assist benefit as standard. Business Assist was created to help owners grow their businesses by supporting them in key areas such as technology, business management, operations, finance, marketing, and sales. It is an asset to any business, particularly small and medium-sized ones. You have telephone access to a variety of experts, specialists, advisors, and mentors with this benefit.

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