homeowners insurance

How to buy homeowners insurance

Do I need homeowners insurance?” is a common question among those preparing to buy a home. Purchasing adequate homeowners insurance coverage provides financial peace of mind in the event of an unfavorable event such as a fire, water leak, or burglary. Accidents happen, and having home insurance can help you avoid financial ruin if you sustain significant property damage or lose the personal property.

Homeowners insurance is also required by the mortgage lender until the entire mortgage is paid off. Because the house is considered collateral, banks also require insurance to obtain a home equity loan.
Homeowners, both new and experienced, can use Credible to compare home insurance policies and find the best coverage options. Understanding the fundamentals of home insurance is critical to getting the right coverage.

homeowners insurance

Tips for buying homeowners insurance

There are several steps to choosing the best home insurance plan:

  • Take an inventory of what you own
  • Shop and compare insurance companies
  • Obtain quotes
  • Select and purchase the home insurance right for you
  • Look for discounts
  • Perform an annual insurance review

Make a list of everything you own.

Home insurance can protect your personal belongings against theft and damage. Make a written inventory (or a cloud storage document) and take photos of your belongings. Use this list to determine the market value of your belongings in order to purchase adequate coverage. The list and photos can make filing claims for proper compensation less stressful.


Choosing which additional coverages you want should be part of the comparison process. Sewer backup, earthquake insurance, and temporary living expenses are just a few examples.

In addition to the total cost of the insurance premiums and policy deductible, selecting the best insurance company is influenced by a number of other factors. Just as the costs of homeowners insurance vary, so do the factors that influence those costs.

Homeowners should also compare claims response reviews. It is critical to ensure that the insurer provides adequate home coverage for the mortgage lender while also protecting your family’s finances. Credible can walk you through each homeowner’s insurance policy and coverage. They can also show you how to save hundreds of dollars on your homeowners’ insurance each year. Credible allows you to compare homeowners insurance rates, insurance companies, and plans.

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