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Blivek Blog is not liable for password misuse, whether caused by your negligence or by the password or Blivek Blog being hacked.

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Blivek Blog reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate or suspend access to our services and/or block your website.

Blivek Blog reserves the right to delete an inactive Blivek Blogas well as all posted content three months after a subscription expires. This means that the owner of a Blivek Blog website has a three-month period after

Blivek Blog cannot be held or otherwise liable for any loss incurred as a result of terminating and deleting Blivek Blog websites. Blivek Blog cannot be held liable for any loss of any kind if the Blivek Blog service is partially or completely unavailable.

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If you obtained your free Blivek Blog subscription from a third party, such as in connection with a promotion.

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